Behind the Scenes: Wedding (Matt & Erin)

Although I’ve had the incredible opportunity to work on wedding invitations in the past, I haven’t quite done anything as involved as this invitation suite, and it was such an incredible process. It took a lot of time, and required a lot of time and effort, but being able to do it for a dear friend and doing so with such an incredible support system made it seem like no work at all. I thought it might be fun to see the process that goes into something like this, so here’s a little behind the scenes for you!

I met Erin in high school (maybe junior high?) and she has long been someone who is constantly a light and joy. Although we didn’t keep in super regular touch throughout college, whenever we did get to see each other, we simply picked up where we left off, and I couldn’t be more grateful for her. She got engaged to Matt, a wonderful man, last fall, and the three of us met over the holidays while we were all in Minnesota to talk about what they were wanting. After we got some ideas together, I started sketching out ideas for the four pieces they were wanting: an invitation, a details/directions card, an RSVP postcard, and an invite to the rehearsal dinner.


Plenty of emails and text messages later, we had our final invitation design, and were working through the wording for the other pieces, so the first big step was complete!

Now that everything was finalized, my next step was to handwrite each piece, so I sized everything out and very carefully made each piece as neatly as I could.

However, as I am human, there were a few mistakes and smudges and I also accidentally spelled a word wrong (OH DEAR). Thankfully, I was already working with a graphic designer friend of mine who was going to be cleaning things up and adding color and sizing the pieces for print, so I had a little room for errors. Once they were complete, I sent them her way, and she worked her magic so I could send them to the printer and anxiously await the proofs, which absolutely did not disappoint.

I don’t usually do a lot of doodling, but Erin and Matt had wanted to include little doodles and pops of color, and it was really fun getting to play around with something out of my comfort zone! I also got to do the addressing (including one to The President & First Lady – apparently they’ll send you a congratulatory card which is SO COOL), and just love the combination of the blue envelopes and the cream invitations.

In short, it was an incredibly fun project, and I’m hoping to have the chance to make more in the near future!