Favorite Things, Vol. II

Two weeks in a row! I'm as shocked as any of you. Who knows where this could go! It's been a busy week with my day job of nannying and some art projects and getting some spring cleaning done, but I'm still here and somehow still make time for finding internet things I love. Sleep? Ehhhhh. Very healthy priorities, as you can see. Anyway...

Timothy Goodman is someone I've recently begun following on Instagram and this image is from his latest project, entitled 12 Kinds of Kindness. He and some volunteers created this kindness wall around Trump Tower in NYC today, and his article on his reasoning both behind this act and how much more we need to emphasize kindness in America is eloquent and wonderful.


When It's Good To Be Bad : Living in a culture so focused on successsuccesssuccess can get real draining, real fast. This article proposes that taking breaks and knowing failure is inevitable are critical in order to accomplish any sort of goals. A very refreshing read for the recovering perfectionist inside of me.

An Open Letter to Donald Trump : All notes about how millennials love open letters aside, this eloquently worded piece from the creator of the brilliant Humans of New York sums up why opposing Donald Trump is "no longer a political decision, but a moral one."

This Four-Letter Word Is The Swedish Key To Happiness At Work : Going to a university where I met plenty of Swedes and learned a smattering of random Swedish words, I also learned about fika, and want to make everyone have it all the time. Our culture can be so hurried and therefore harried, and I'm always looking for time to slow down and take a breather. Might as well take a breather AND get more caffeine in my system, right? 

I Try To Keep My Skeletons In : An absolutely fascinating read from a mortician on the cremation of a stranger, and being present for someone's last moments.



This Team Is Simulating A Mission To Mars To Understand The High Emotional Cost Of Living There : Science + Emotions = My Favorite. A really interesting look into how emotionally fraught the Mars exploration may be.

SNL Explains Why Feminist Songs Are Impossible, Creates Feminist Anthem Anyway : SNL is great, feminism is great, catchy songs are great, sass is great. This has legit been stuck in my head since I heard it.

"Good Grief" by Lucius : Lucius is one of my favorite bands, and their new album covers all sorts of ground, from dancey to pop to ballads - fronted by two badass ladies who you can usually find matching, I've hardly stopped listening to it since it came out on Friday. Check it out now!

T-Pain Tiny Desk One and Two: Admittedly, my knowledge of hip-hop and rap is small, but growing. I've long loved the Tiny Desk concerts from NPR, and when I saw T-Pain's first Tiny Desk, I had NO idea what to expect, given the amount of autotuning in most of his music I knew. But I found myself simultaneously giggling at the bizarre nature of a stripped down concert from T-Pain and blown away by how talented he was, just singing along with a basic keyboard backing him. He did a more full scale concert at the end of last year, and I was again at the juxtaposition of laughter and awe.



Teach Girls Bravery, Not Perfection : A beautifully worded talk on how critical it is to encourage both boys AND girls to strive for bravery, whatever that looks like for them.

Thumbs Up For Rock and Roll : I'm ALL about the inspirational YouTube video, and have sent this one in particular to some of my favorite people this week. Now we can all watch it and believe in ourself. I KNOW YOU CAN BELIEVE IN YOURSELF.


May your week be full of kindness, bravery, and plenty of good music!