Favorite Things, Vol. III

Spring is trying SO HARD to get here in Chicago, and succeeding every now and then. Really, this just means that construction is happening on all major streets and you might see more ankles out and about. HOT AND DANGEROUS AROUND HERE Y'ALL.

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We Can Never Beat Terrorism Until We Care About All Of Its Victims Equally: Terrorism is a tragedy, in all circumstances. It's senseless and heartbreaking, and has become such a tragically regular part of the news. This article points out something that I have thought about often - we were all Paris, today we are all Belgium, but what about Turkey? Or the Ivory Coast? These words are a gentle reminder that of course things seem more tragic when they are closer to us, but that we cannot let our proximity to terrorism keep us from what they refer to as potentially the most effective, yet intangible weapons: empathy and resilience. In their words, "if we can’t care about every dead, we can make an effort to know, to name, and to honor our sisters and brothers in arms—the mothers and fathers and children and friends who are killed, daily, by an evil that knows no compassion. Sometimes it feels like it’s just too many to keep a count—but we have the moral duty to at least try. Because they could be us—they are us."

The Problem With A Technology Revolution Designed Primarily For Men: I am a feminist, unquestionably. I believe being a feminist boils down to seeking out equality, and Soraya Chemaly continues to bust out the hits in how our society still has a ways to go in terms of getting close to that. Technology has done some wonderful things for feminism, and some not so wonderful things (ahem, female video game characters), but the lack of resources pertaining to sexual assault or women's health described in this article made me pretty bummed out. It's 2016. Let's keep moving forward, please.

Sarah Kay (Brain Pickings): Sarah Kay is one of my favorites, Brain Pickings is one of my favorites, and the mashup of the two is incredible. From what it means to be an artist to FOMO, from measuring creative success to the connections art can bring, this interview blew me out of the water with how much it resonated with me. I wanted to write down every quote, and as a bonus, Sarah Kay reads a few pieces - go check it out! 



The West Wing Podcast: Like all good nerds, I was over the moon excited about Joshua Malina's news that he hadn't just been teasing us with the idea of an episode-by-episode podcast of TV's greatest presidency. They're bringing on co-stars and talking through each episode and I CANNOT WAIT. #bartlet2016

The Cast Of Hamilton Performs At The White House: I don't think I've gone more than a few weeks without going through the Hamilton soundtrack for months now, and am absolutely blown away every time I see anything they perform live. President Obama's welcoming speech made me weep with all the hope that sticks onto any and all of the perfect words that come out of his mouth, I automatically love anyone who supports public education and recognizes how badass and amazing teachers are, I'm looking for a way to just become Michelle Obama, and just WOW is this cast talented. Check it out now. For real, NOW.

Spotify Discover Weekly: The Discover Weekly feature is one of my favorites on Spotify, and while mine have been a little spotty lately, this week's is GOOD. Take a listen if you'd like to hear what my favorite music these days is sounding like! Other than this, it's still been Hamilton and Lucius forever.



Piglet Can't Help But Dance to Rihanna's "Work": Cute animals dancing to pop music for president! And prime minister! AND RULERS OF THE UNIVERSE. There's nothing better. I've lost track of how many times I've watched this.

Side by Side (Urban Paradise 2016): I was just given a pin by my best friend that reads "I dance badly." While I wouldn't say I'm a bad dancer, it is 100% not my strongest suit. Dance has always been something that stops me in my tracks, and when a friend who is a ridiculously talented dancer shared this one, I couldn't handle it. Their first piece made me weep, and I watched in slack-jawed awe through the rest - make sure you can watch this with your full attention.

Ruby's Rainbow: For any of you who may not know me personally, Down syndrome has been a part of my life for nearly as long as I can remember, and holds an incredibly special place in my heart. My younger brother Jason and my wonderfully crazy nanny charge Leo both happen to have Down syndrome, and have changed my life in the best of ways. Down syndrome is also called trisomy 21, which means individuals with Down syndrome have three copies of the 21st chromosome, and as yesterday was March 21 (3/21), it was World Down Syndrome Day. One of my favorite organizations is Ruby's Rainbow, which is an organization dedicated to providing scholarships to adults with Down syndrome who are looking for post-secondary options, whether educationally, vocationally, or elsewhere. Take a look through their information, take a look at your budget, and maybe think of giving up a few coffees this month to help make more opportunities happen for some very deserving people.


To more spring weather, more empathy, and more cute animal videos, now and forever!