Favorite Things, Vol. VI

Well, as it is 10:26 pm (CST) when I'm beginning this blog post, CLEARLY I'm very good at remembering what day of the week I decided to regularly blog. So far this week has made my brain a little bit crazy, but I WILL SURVIVE I WILL SURVIVE HEY HEY.

My lil custom piece ("accelerate through the chaos") made it into a GORGEOUS wall collection by the fabulous Josselyn, who is the winner of the friend-of-a-friend-whom-I-have-not-met-in-real-life-yet-but-when-we-do-it-will-be-pure-magic award. You know?


Lin-Manuel Miranda: By The Book: As a frequent reader and lover of books/literature/words, I want everyone I am inspired by/everyone I am friends with/everyone in general to also fill out this questionnaire. Lin-Manuel Miranda is the genius behind In The Heights and Hamilton, and it's so cool to see his love for music and theater blending with his love for reading. BOOKS FOREVER.

Creative Angst: A Guide To Getting Over Creative Block, Imposter Syndrome, And Fear Of The Blank Page: WOOF. As someone who is feeling creatively blocked more than not most days, and generally has a constant case of imposter syndrome, this article was a breath of fresh air. I mean, I haven't been cured by any means (if anyone has a fast cure, please help a girl out), but it's always nice to know that I'm not alone in all these feels, especially as a creative. 

What Does Your Favorite Music Say About You?: I love words and music and data, and this quiz put some interesting ideas together. The study focused on categorizing listeners as sympathizers, empathizers, or balanced, depending on their musical tastes, and after taking the version CNN offers, I think my mellow/quiet/acoustic singer-songwriter tendencies are winning out towards the empathizer or balanced options. Welp.

What I Learned About Clapping Back From Beyoncé: Who isn't inspired by Beyoncé and all she does? Through the shit that life can throw our way, it can be really easy to just get mad or offer a snappy retort or be passive aggressive about one thing or another. This article argues for quiet being its own kind of strong, which I strongly identify with. In the words of the badass author, "Why yell at or tweet back, when hard work and art can do the talking?"



Cleopatra, The Lumineers: The first album from The Lumineers has a lot of happy, warm-hearted memories for me, and while I only started listening to their second album today, I'm getting a lot of the same feelings so far. 

Sermon On The Rocks, Josh Ritter: While this isn't new at all, it's one I've come back to a lot lately. I got to see him when he came to Chicago recently, and he was THE happiest performer I've seen in awhile. Any secrets you'd like to share, Josh? 

Please Like Me: Okay, TECHNICALLY this is a listen-and-watch type of thing, but I didn't make a proper category for television/film, so I'm making it work. Please Like Me is a GENIUS TV show from Australia my roommate found on Hulu, and I cannot say how good it is. It is a dramedy in the best sort of way - I've cried harder than I thought television could make me, I've laughed harder than socially appropriate at times, and now I'm ready to move to Australia and befriend Josh Thomas, star and creator of the show. The show covers so many important life things that ARE really hard and serious, but will then immediately make you laugh. I've found that's how life can be - so hard one second, and so light another. TV shows can often seem like an escape, which we all need at times, but sometimes we also need some advice on how to live our weird and wonderful lives, and this one does a bang-up job of all of that.



Lip Sync Battle With Melissa McCarthy: This video is super-duper viral (currently 11 million views) and for some REALLY GOOD REASONS. Colors of the Wind is a go-to for my shower or solo driving adventure, and she freaking BLOWS IT OUT OF THE WATER. Watch this in its entirety, try not to cry from laughing, and if you don't feel this on a spiritual level, maybe make sure you haven't been taken over by a robot.

9-Year-Old Crime Reporter Isn't Interested In Your Opinions About Her Journalism: Any article that begins with the following sentences makes me ready to jump up and down and ask this 9-year-old if she can teach me all her life lessons: "A nine-year-old reporter in Pennsylvania was the first person to break the news of a murder on her beat. Naturally, some of the adults around her responded with hand-wringing and demands that she return to her tea parties and dolls; luckily for us, Hilde Kate Lysiak is too busy working to give a shit." GO GET IT HILDE.

Melissa McCarthy & Kristen Bell Answer The Web's Most Searched Questions: You bet your ass I've included Melissa McCarthy twice in this post. She can do no wrong, and when paired up with Kristen Bell, the magic only gets better. I burst out laughing far too many times, and wish I could hang out with them both on the regular. To give Kristen her fair share of love in this post, if you somehow missed her Africa video with her precious husband Dax Shepard, please watch that immediately.

Doris Day Turns 92, Shares Pooch Pic: There is nothing more I aspire to than this.


May your week be empty of overwhelming imposter syndrome, full of comedienne-induced laughs, and all the Beyoncé ever. You are amazing.