Favorite Things, Vol. VII

Although I'm only starting two hours earlier than my post from last week, I actually did remember that today was Blogging Day. But when life throws you an emotional start to the week and a good old anxiety spiral, you listen to yourself and eat two bowls of Captain Crunch and go to bed early instead of prepping this post. Feeling myself over here.

This line is taken from Elizabeth Gilbert's fabulous piece I've linked below - please read it, and see one of the many reasons why I'd like her to be my fairy godmother ASAP. 


The Kind Gesture That Helps Elizabeth Gilbert Find The Light On Her Worst Days: Darkness and light have been incredibly important in this season of my life - the constant change between the two, the relationship we have with each, the ideas we have surrounding them - and this short piece emphasizes what a power it is to be able to control what we give out. Some days, we cannot give out any light to ourselves, let alone to others, and that is okay. Those are the days you hope for the light from others to spill over into your life, and you do what you can while you are in the dark. I think too often we focus on getting out of the dark and into the light, which is obviously preferable. But I have come to realize that sometimes there are things you can only learn in the dark. It doesn't mean it's fun or awesome or makes it okay. Being in the dark is super shitty. But don't beat yourself up too much when you're there. And if you're not, make sure you are giving out some extra light to those who might not have much light to share. We're in this TOGETHER. Let's act like it.

Amy Schumer Rejects The Plus-Size Label: I think Amy Schumer is one of the funniest and most honest voices in comedy right now. She calls it like it is, and when I saw her post on Instagram last week, I SO appreciated it. Glamour put her name on the cover of a special edition plus-size magazine, and she talked about her belief that plus-size is beautiful, but to say that she is plus-size, as someone who fluctuates between a size 6 and 8, is hurtful. AMEN AMY. I personally have been between an 8 and a 10 for the last few years, and am finally feeling positively about my body. Bodies are bodies, and all bodies are beautiful.

When Cupid Is A Prying Journalist: Happiness happiness happiness on how the world works. It's a little romantic and dreamy, and I'm fine saying that makes my heart full. 

In A Perpetual Present: I think living in the present is something we'd all like to do more, but the subject of this article has no choice but to do so. A fascinating read on memory, life, and how all any of us can do is to make the best of what we've got.



"Carrie and Lowell" by Sufjan Stevens: Not new, but oh so good. The first track (Death With Dignity) popped up on my friend's Discover Weekly, and made me have some really fond flashbacks to last year and hearing this album when it came out. 

On Being: I've said it before, and I'll say it again - this is one of my very favorite podcasts. I listened to a considerable amount this weekend while finishing up some projects, and wanted to share a collection of my favorite episodes here. Enjoy! 



Being Dishonest About Ugliness: Continuing the dialogue on body image, this piece brings up something I've thought about a few times over the years. In so many fairy tales and "life lesson" stories, a character starts out as something ugly/weird/unusual (example: an ugly duckling) and by the end are beautiful/perfect/stunning (the ugly duckling turning into a swan), but what happens when we don't get a beautiful end? There is SO MUCH MORE to life than appearance (thank goodness) and this article brings up some really wonderful points.

World's First Pastafarian Wedding Takes Place In New Zealand: Regardless of where you are on religions these days, anything that celebrates pasta and love equally is my favorite. Also, I love that this was considered newsworthy.

The Leslie Knope Compliment You Deserve: As a longtime fan of Parks and Recreation, this is perfect. Pick an Ann Perkins face, and you get a Leslie Knope compliment. Nothing better. 


May your week be full of kindness and light from strangers and friends alike, honest conversations, and all sorts of pasta. You are all perfect sunflowers.