Favorite Things, Vol. XI

This week has been great and weird and hard and all the things, and I don't really know much for sure, except for I would like to sleep for 203987532 hours please and thank you.


"I See Lego More As An Art": Through all my siblings and cousins and kids I've babysat over the years, Lego is an absolute constant. I cannot even imagine what being a Lego master builder would be like, and after reading this article, there is NO WAY I could ever be one. BOW DOWN.

How Typography Can Save Your Life: From the National Weather Service to highway signs and more, it is so interesting to look at how and why certain fonts were chosen, and in some cases, why they've needed to be changed since their original font. This is likely something Leslie Knope would have on her list of things to talk to Ben about in the car. #nerd

German Forest Ranger Finds That Trees Have Social Networks, Too: This article begins with a quote about how the forest ranger points out two trees that are clearly friends and why, and only gets better from there. NATURE IS SO COOL.



Chance the Rapper, "Coloring Book": While I wouldn't say that rap is necessarily a go-to for me, Chance the Rapper's new album has been playing on a pretty consistent loop since it came out. I remember my roommate showing me his performance of "Angels" on Colbert, and it is nearly impossible to watch without grinning. A Chicago native, he also has an incredible side project in Donnie Trumpet & The Social Experiment - "Sunday Candy" and "Wanna Be Cool" are my favorites.

Alexey Has No Limitations: This is outstandingly beautiful. And while I believe it is inspiring, I didn't want to put it in the "to inspire" section simply because he is doing something without his fingers. Stella Young gave a TED Talk in 2014 that has stuck with me, and has solidified my belief that, as she puts it, "Disability doesn't make you exceptional, but questioning what you think you know about it does."  We often automatically jump to pity or extreme inspiration whenever we see anyone with a disability of any sort doing any kind of thing, and it can be demeaning and detrimental, even if we don't always mean it to be so. I've had the privilege of encountering and growing relationships with a few individuals with special needs over the years, and if I ever say that they inspire me, it is because of who they are, not the labels they have been given.



Finding Footing In My Worth: As I read this, tears were rolling down my cheeks without my even knowing it. The writing, the memories, and the honesty throughout makes me so glad for the human experience and for sharing that with others. 

"Mad Men" Creator Matthew Weiner's Reassuring Life Advice For Struggling Artists: Being an artist and also a full-time nanny and also wanting to have some friends and also liking to sleep and also not wanting to totally lose my mind is something I struggle with a LOT. Especially when I see so much about HUSTLE HARDER every-freaking-where I turn, but then when I try to hustle harder and then run out of steam like 3 minutes later, these words from Matthew Weiner are so good, and especially these: "The greatest regret I have is that, early in my career, I showed myself such cruelty for not having accomplished anything significant. I spent so much time trying to write, but was paralyzed by how behind I felt...Any contribution you make on a daily basis is fantastic. I still happen to write almost everything at once, but I now cut myself slack on all of the thinking and procrastination time I use. I know that it’s all part of my creative process."

Solitude: A Reprieve From The Noise of Doing: Over the last few years, I feel as though I've gotten to a place like this a few times, and while I haven't followed this quiiiiite to a T, I would really like to make it happen sometime in the near future. This was another cry-while-you-read for me, with the transparency and vulnerability of all her words and her experience and the closing poem. Get at this, now.

Justin Trudeau Doing Yoga: That should be self-explanatory. (#trudeauforsupremeuniverseleaderpleaseandthankyou)


May your weeks be full of social networks (trees and humans alike), reassurance, and yoga (either your own practice or just watching others and thinking really hard about doing yoga maybe.)