Favorite Things, Vol. XII

A crazy week of feelings + a long vacation weekend = a delayed and slightly abbreviated post. Life is life, and while part of me is saying, "HELEN GET IT TOGETHER WHY IS THIS POST A DAY LATE IS IT EVEN WORTH POSTING???" the larger part (and the part that really has to fight for airtime 89% of the time) reminds me that nothing incredibly drastic is happening simply because I am posting on a Wednesday instead of a Tuesday. I don't want to be constantly stressed in this one life I've got, so I guess this means YOLO.


Dear Mr. You by Mary-Louise Parker: I finished this book recently, and was (and continue to be) absolutely in awe of this lady. I am a huge fan of all her work as an actress, and this book was a continuation of that fandom. Wow wow wow can she write. This book is a collection of letters to men in her life - both ones she has known and ones imagined - and the combination of total honesty and some really excellent run-on sentences had me forgetting to breathe at times. Definitely put this on your Amazon wishlist.

It's Okay To Laugh (Crying Is Cool Too) by Nora McInerny Purmort: Nora has long been one of my favorite Internet Humans, and I just about fell to pieces when she asked me to meet IRL while she was in Chicago earlier this year. She is one of the loveliest people I have yet to meet, and she just GETS IT. (Still unsure how to define "it", but she gets all of it.) I got to read this while it was still a PDF on my laptop screen and did a nearly equal amount of laughing and crying, so this title is immensely appropriate. Life is all the things, and it's not always what we expect/anticipate/want/etc. We can never know what other people are going through or how hard they are working to be out and about and breathing and interacting with other humans, so let's all take a pledge to be kinder, please. Go order one copy of Nora's book or you might as well go ahead and order 45 - this is going to be one you'd like to give to everyone you know. Congratulations, Nora! 



Barton Hollow by The Civil Wars: This isn't new whatsoever, but I've been listening to it fairly nonstop for the past few days. Their harmonies are consistently some of the best I've heard, and while I'm still bummed they are no longer a band, thankfully they made some damn fine music together for awhile.

White Flag by Joseph: Joseph is a newer favorite group, and speaking of harmonies, theirs ARE INCREDIBLE. I've always been a fan of lady power groups, and these three sisters are no exception. They've got their sophomore album coming out this August, and this new single makes me feel real ready for August.



Sorry, Not Sorry by Lena Dunham: I identify VERY strongly with so much of this - I've long been apologizing for 78% of my daily life, whether or not it merits an apology, and have recently tried to make myself aware of how frequently I do so. I'm not saying apologies are bad things or that we ought to limit how much we apologize, but I DO think that sometimes we insert apologies where we don't need to. As Lena puts it, "What do you replace sorry with? Well for starters, you can replace it with an actual expression of your needs and desires. And it turns out when you express what you want (without a canned and insincere apology) everyone benefits. Your employees know what you want from them and can do their jobs with clarity and pride. The dynamic remains healthy and open. You feel 79% less shame (there's 21% of human shame that's just baseline and incurable, right!?)" 

Kittens Inspired By Kittens: One of my all-time favorite Internet things, now and forevermore.


May your weeks be full of good words from good humans, only the apologies you really need to be saying, and genius-level Things Kids Say.