Favorite Things, Vol. IX

Today's the day! I've been on earth officially for 25 years (WEIRD), and couldn't be more grateful for all the things and people and food and adventures that have come my way throughout them all. 25, let's GOOOOOOOOOO.

On Sunday, I went and picked out some birthday flowers for myself at Fleur, my favorite ultra-cute and perfect neighborhood flower shop and boutique - if you're in Chicago and haven't been, GET OVER THERE NOW.



Why Finland's Mail Carriers Are Mowing People's Lawns: I love mail! Let's save the mail system but also I love all the creativity the Finns are putting into these ideas. 

My Book Was A Bad Idea: A beautifully written piece about how that constant pressure of comparison - of doing things because you "should" or because that's what peers are doing - doesn't always go the way you hoped, or even well at all. YOU DO YOU.



Men Struggle To Read Tweets To Female Sports Reporters: While I have only received a few offensive comments online, this is something that always strikes a nerve in me. It's so easy to leave a comment from behind a screen, without seeing the reaction of the person you are writing to, and this one shows what that can look like in a very honest way.

Ingrid Michaelson "Hell No": Ingrid Michaelson was such a big part of my college years, and I have such fond memories associated with her songs or seeing her perform. This new song is very catchy, and WILL get stuck in your head very quickly, and her use of Snapchat filters has sent me into a fit of giggles more times than I can count.

Lake Street Dive "Side Pony": I don't know how much I listened to Lake Street Dive in the past, but once I watched their Tiny Desk concert, I was hooked, and their new album has been on repeat for awhile now. It's dancey and soulful and great, and I highly highly recommend it. 



What Romance Really Means After 10 Years Of Marriage: As a very, very single human, I have very little romantical advice to dish out, let alone anything about marriage, but this piece seems to hit it all on the head. Romance isn't big sweeping gestures, but as Sherman Alexie puts it, "He loved her, of course, but better than that, he chose her, day after day. Choice: that was the thing."

Inaugural Poem: After listening to Elizabeth Alexander's On Being interview again recently, I was reminded of her beautiful words from the poem she read at Obama's first inauguration. What IF love was the mightiest word?

How To Get Over Common Creative Fears (Maybe): Adam J. Kurtz is one of my favorites, and this article is no exception. I love that there is a maybe in the title - so much of my experience of fear has been that there is no guaranteed solution, even if it is seemingly the same fear someone else has. You've got to find what works best from you, and then go from there. Fear is dumb, and it is also REAL, so don't think you've got to be fooled into faking your way through, pretending you have no fears. We've all got em.


May your weeks be full of some beautiful flowers, lots of good dance parties, and a hell of a lot of love. It's the best thing we've got, and we can never give or have too much.