Favorite Things, Vol. XX

My heart is heavy, and it's been tricky to try and pull myself out of all the feelings from all the tragedies happening around the world and happening to my people. We're here to get through this thing called life together. Let's be good to one another.

Prince's words, here in a recent custom order, are ringing especially true for me this week.


Lin-Manuel Miranda's Sonnet At The Tonys: In case you've been living under a rock, Lin-Manuel Miranda is the creator of the breakout Broadway show Hamilton, as well as In The Heights. Hamilton won 11 Tonys this year, and instead of an acceptance speech, he read a sonnet regarding the Orlando attack, which absolutely brought me to tears. Please check it out.

Contact Your State Representatives and Senators: We cannot sit by and let things like this happen without any sort of action. Take the time to find the contact information for your representatives and ask them what they are doing to end any further violent attacks, or to let them know your thoughts.

Donate: This GoFundMe project, provided by The Center Orlando, will provide an emergency hotline and crisis counseling.


We are in this together. Let's act like it.