Favorite Things, Vol. XXI

Amidst some topsy-turvy unexpected life things and the return of HOT CHICAGO WOW HELLO SUMMER, mac and cheese and peonies and Parks and Rec remain.

A lovely capture from the talented lady Kelsey Stevens. Check her out here


Joe Biden Writes An Open Letter To Stanford Survivor: Just as I’d like the Obamas to stay another four years (Barack OR Michelle, let’s be real), I need Joe Biden to stick around. He continually proves to be someone who sticks to what he believes, who actually lives out what he says, and who is using his power and influence and status for good.

Can Tylenol Help Heal A Broken Heart?: I like answers. As I’ve gotten older, I’ve realized we don’t get to have answers for everything, and sometimes that totally sucks. Sometimes your heart gets broken, and you don’t get to know why, and you might carry it for a lot longer than you wanted. This article is a stunning combination of science and emotions, and as the author points out, “heartache is like any other pain, and it takes time to heal.” Give yourself some love. You’re okay. xx

An Open Letter To The Female Hat-Wearing Dog From “Go Dog, Go”: A super sassy response to a weird gendered part of a book I have read many, many times and somehow never noticed? YES PLEASE. The long and short of it: wear whatever kind of hat you want, and don’t let one dog tell you not to wear it because he doesn’t like it. You do YOU and YOUR thing(s) and wear YOUR hat(s). 



Kate Nash: While listening to an older lady power playlist on a run the other day, I had a very distinct flashback to High School Helen going to the library and checking out this CD. It’s such a fabulous collection of songs that make you feel good and laugh and feel connected and go back to places of heartache, but also BAM! You’re powerful and amazing and incredible! Throwback Tuesday.

Slow Jam The News With President Obama: Again, PLEASE DON’T GO, OBAMA(S).

Oh Wonder - Crazy In Love (Beyoncé Cover): My Spotify Discover Weekly playlist pretty regularly gives me acoustic Beyoncé covers, like this one. I am very grateful to that strange little algorithm for this, and although this one wasn’t on that playlist, but instead found while in a dark YouTube hole, I still absolutely adore it.



Watch The Cast of Girls Unite For A PSA In Support Of The Stanford Sexual Assault Survivor: There often seem to be a list of unwritten questions sexual assault survivors must answer before being believed. What were you wearing? How much had you been drinking? It’s embarrassing how much our culture victim-blames, and we must put an end to it. As the video states, “Support, listen, take action. Not because she is someone’s daughter, or someone’s girlfriend, or someone’s sister…but because she is someone.”

Google Praises 86-Year-Old For Polite Internet Searches: This is everything I’ve ever dreamed of, ever. I’m going to start asking Google questions like this.

“My Advice Is Not To Be Afraid”: Life Lessons From 2016 Grads: If you know me, you know I LOVE some good graduation advice. And if you really know me, you know that I love advice from children who are graduating even more. And if you really really know me, you’ll know I cried at this video. I dare you to make it through without shedding a single tear.


May your weeks be filled with good throwback music, polite internet-ing, and surprise lessons from people you may not have expected them from.